How to Use Venomoth in Pokemon Quest

The best way to use Venomoth in Pokemon Quest, including in-depth analysis of its moveset, stats, and bingo bonuses.

Pokemon Quest Guide: How to use Venomoth in Pokemon Quest

Venomoth – the Poison Moth Pokemon. The wings are covered with dustlike scales. Every time it flaps its wings, it looses highly toxic dust.

Moveset: Psychic Focused 

Moveset 1: Psychic + 3 Power Stones (at least 1 Scatter Stone + others of your choice)
Moveset 2: Psychic + 2 Power Stones & Supersonic

Bingo Bonuses:
Slot 1: Your choice
Slot 2: Your choice
Slot 3: Your choice

Here are all the possible bingo slots for you to use. Thanks, Serebii!

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 17.46.28.pngAnalysis:

Venomoth has Psychic, one of the better attacking-moves in Pokemon Quest. The downside is that that’s all it’s got going for. It also has Supersonic, a decent support move. I would suggest running Supersonic as Psychic’s damage will decrease significantly if you equip more than 2 Scatter Stones in Pokemon Quest to it anyway.

Venomoth’s biggest downfall is because of its poor bingo bonuses in Pokemon Quest. It does not have any bingo bonuses that boost attacking power or attack stat (albeit it can get a +350 HP to up its tankiness). As such, it’s up to you to choose which Bingo Bonus to have for Venomoth. They won’t change your gameplay that much.

Because of this, Venomoth is, unfortunately, a middle of the road Pokemon in Pokemon Quest. It doesn’t dish out as much damage as other Psychic users, such as Alakazam. However, it does have better support bonuses for smoother gameplay. How to use Venomoth in Pokemon Quest is ultimately up to you. However, due to Venomoth’s lack of access to other damaging moves, there sadly aren’t many other options.


In short: 

+Decent move-pool, with Psychic and Supersonic.
+Resistant to a lot of things, from critical hits to status conditions and negative effects.

– Lack of attacking power.
– Average bingo bonuses. Nothing that boosts its ATK stat or damage of certain move type. Venonat does get +600 ATK on one of its bingo bonuses, but this turns to +350 HP as you evolve it to Venomoth, which is a pity!

Stats & How to Get Venomoth in Pokemon Quest:

Just like any other Pokemon, you have to evolve Venonat, Venomoth’s pre-evolution to get this Poison Moth Pokemon. The best Pokemon Quest recipe to obtain Venonat is a special Honey Nectar à la Cube, which has a massive 67.57% chance of obtaining Venonat. You can view all the other Pokemon Quest recipes to get this Pokemon via here.

To obtain the highest possible stats, you have to use the golden cooking pot for a +300 stat bonus in both ATK and HP. After that, it all depends on the IVs of each Pokemon, which range from 0-100. Venomoth does not get any ATK increase from any of its bingo bonuses. Because of this, make sure that its ATK as close to the maximum as possible. This is how to use Venomoth in Pokemon Quest as effectively as Possible.

Base Stats: HP – 350, ATK – 250
Max Stats (at LV 100): HP:750-850, ATK:750-850

I’ve caught a Venonat/Venomoth. Are its stats any good? 

Every Pokemon gains 1 stat point in its ATK and HP every time it evolves. Because of this, all you have to do is add the level difference of your Pokemon from 100 to its current stats to see how far the stats are from the max stats.

Stone Sockets:

Venomoth’s ratio regarding stone sockets obtained through Pokemon Quest recipes are:

HP: 47.62% %, HP: 47.62% %, Multi: 4.76%

To use Venonat effectively, I’d pump at least 5 ATK slots. Even more for this Pokemon, as its ATK is average at best.

And that’s how to use Venomoth in Pokemon Quest. How are you enjoying this Pokemon Quest guide series? If you have not downloaded the game yet, download Pokemon Quest via its official site.


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