How to Get Victreebel in Pokemon Quest


The best ways to bag yourself a Victreebel in Pokemon Quest. This guide includes cooking instructions, move pool and stats to get the best build for your Victreebel.

How to get Victreebel in Pokemon Quest

Unlike traditional Pokemon games, you get Pokemon in the new game – Pokemon quest by evolving pre-evolutions, which are Bellsprout and Weepinbell.

There are two differences for Victreebel in Pokemon quest:

  1. You no longer need a leaf-stone to evolve Weepinbell. You can get Victreebel in Pokemon quest now by leveling up Weepinbell to at least level 36.
  2. You catch Pokemon by cooking various dishes.

The dishes to cook:

Weepinbell is also not available to catch via cooking, thus you’d have to start from scratch and catch the little guy that is Bellsprout.


Here are the dishes that you can cook to get Bellsprout:

Yellow Curry à la Cube – used to obtain ‘yellowish’ Pokemons
– Dish required: Normal
– Ingredients: x5 Apricorn – so put Apricorn 5 times in the slot. The exact amount you need will depend on the cooking pot you are using, and will either be x3, x10, x15 or x20 for each slot. Thus the amount of Apricorn required will either be 15, 50, 75 or 100.
– Chance of appearing: 12.50%

Mulligan Stew à la Cube – used to obtain various Pokemon at random.
– Dish required: Normal
– Ingredients: x5 normal ingredients (Apricorns, Bluk Berries, Fossils and Tiny Mushrooms).
– Chance of appearing: 12.50%

Yellow Curry is the way to go. A 12.5% chance means you will get a Bellsprout once every 8th time you cook this dish.

I’ve got my Bellsprout, now how to get Victreebel in Pokemon Quest?

All you have to do is evolve it to Weepinbell (level 21) and then again to Victreebel (level 36). Easy peasy.

Things to consider:


Make sure that the Bellsprout you get is as close to identical to the stats you want. To check, here’s a table of stats from Serebii, outlining Bellsprouts max potential stats.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 22.34.21.png

Since we’re at it, here are the stats for Victreebel. Not too shabby!

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 22.34.07.png

Pokemons gain one ATK and HP for each level up, so if the level of your obtained Bellsprout is not rounded, roup it up, and add the difference to work out where its ATK and HP are from the max stats. Make sure that it’s not too far from the max stats, otherwise you risk wasting your time for a weak Pokemon. As such, this will happen.👇

pokemon quest victreebel poor stats.gif

Move Slots

Do you want to focus on one attack, two damaging moves, or one support one damaging? Here are the possible moves that Victreebel in Pokemon Quest can get.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 22.59.17.png

Power Stones

At level 100, there will be 9 equitable Power Stones that you can equip to your Victreebel in Pokemon Quest. Do you want to focus more on power, defense or a balance of both?


And that’s how to get Victreebel in Pokemon Quest. Victreebel’s always been loved in the main series and with this new release, it still packs a punch due to good base stats: HP – 300, ATK – 500. Furthermore, it’s got access to good damaging moves.

There are not that many status moves, but remember to have your Victreebel’s HP sustained whilst on an expedition with Power Stones containing the ‘Hit Healing’ ability.

Which Pokemon shall I cover next? Comment below! 😉


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