How to Get Mime Jr. in Pokémon Go

There is currently only one way to obtain the Mine Pokémon—Mime Jr. in Pokémon Go, which this guide will illustrate how to do so. 

Is Mime Jr. in Pokémon Go? 

Let’s address the most obvious question. 

Yes, Mime Jr. is indeed in Pokémon Go. A bit of an elusive Pokémon, Mime Jr. is an exclusive regional Pokémon that is only available in Europe. Not only that, but you also cannot catch Mime Jr. in the wild.

How Mime. Jr looks like in Pokémon Go, along with its shiny form.

How to Get Mime Jr. in Pokémon Go 

  1. First, you have to be in Europe.
  2. Spin PokéStops to obtain 5 KM eggs.
  3. Run around as you would to hatch them.
  4. There is a 1/43 chance that you will get a Mime Jr.

Similar to how you can only hatch this baby ‘mon via breeding in the core Pokémon games, you can only get Mime Jr. in Pokémon Go by hatching its egg.

Unlike the main games, you cannot breed two Mr. Mime holding an Odd Incense to produce this specific offspring. Instead, you can get Mime Jr. by hatching the 5 KM egg (with one with green spots). To sum it up, you have to spin PokéStops whilst geographically be present in Europe, to get an egg that can potentially contain Mime Jr.

Luckily, thanks to COVID-19, the amount of distance required to hatch eggs are halved. Thus, you only need to do a good 2.5 KM to hatch these eggs. On the downside, at the time of writing, there are 43 potential Pokémon that you can hatch from this group of eggs—so you will have to hatch quite a few until you obtain Mime Jr. 

There Is No Other Way to Get Mime Jr. in Pokémon Go? 

Not at the moment. You cannot encounter this regional baby Pokémon in the wild. You cannot hatch a Mime Jr. egg in North America, Asia, Africa—only Europe. The 5 KM eggs are the only group that contains Mime Jr. Not the 2 KM, 7 KM, or 10 KM eggs, as of May 2020. 

On the bright side, it’s evolution, Mr. Mime can be caught in the wild. If you are looking to raise this duel Psychic/Fairy Pokémon to be competitive, you do not need to do so from scratch. It will be much quicker to find Mr. Mime in the wild instead. 

Still, if you do have a Mime Jr., you can use 50 candies to evolve it to Mr. Mime, after walking with it for 15 KM, as a buddy. 

Can I Use Mime Jr. in Go Battles? 

By itself, Mime Jr. doesn’t do much competitively. Capped at 1095 CP, it falls short even in the Great League. It actually will have decent base ATK and DEF, but very low HP, making it somewhat fragile.  

Moves wise, it has access to Confusion as a Fast Attack, one of the best PVP moves in the game—due to high DPT (4) and EPT (3). All Charge Attacks are Psychic types: Psychic, Psyshock, and Psybeam; the energy cost and power vary, so pick one to your liking. Despite being a Fairy-type Pokémon, Mime Jr. does not have access to this typing, which would be useful to weaken the Dragon-type, such as Altaria. 

If you do opt to go for two different Psychic-type attacks, it will cost you a shabby 25,000 stardust and 25 Mr. Mime candies (surprisingly, the sweets are named after its evolution, and not the baby Pokémon itself). 

If you’re looking to get a Mr. Mime instead, check out this guide, which details the slightly easier-to-obtain evolution of this regional Pokémon.


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