Meganium Pokémon GO Guide | Best PVP Moveset

Hey Trainers, 

If you’re looking for how to use Meganium in Pokémon GO effectively, you’re at the right place. Meganium is currently in my main party for both Ultra and Premier leagues, and this guide will cover how to dominate with Meganium! 🥊

About Meganium in Pokémon GO 

Okay, let’s cover the basics. Meganium is a mono Grass-type Pokémon. Being pure Grass-type means it has 5 weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Poison, Bug, and Ice. On the other hand, it resists Water, Electric, Ground, and of course, Grass. Meganium evolves from Bayleef and is the final evolution of Chikorita. It costs 100 Chikorita Candies to evolve from Bayleef and costs 10,000 Stardusts + 25 Candies to unlock a second charge move.

Meganium has a max CP of 2725, and its HP/Attack/Defense distribution is 190/168/202.

How to use Meganium in Pokémon Go
Ready to master Meganium usage in Pokémon Go?

Best Moveset for Meganium in Pokémon GO 

Meganium’s max CP is 2725, which means it falls in the Ultra and Premier leagues in Pokémon GO. Ultra contains legendaries and mystical Pokémon, and Premier doesn’t. The max CP for both leagues is 2500. 

Meganium’s best moveset:

  • Fast move: Vine Whip 🍃
  • Charge 1: Frenzy Plant 🍃
  • Charge 2: Earthquake ⛰

Meganium has access to 2 fast moves: Vine Whip and Razor Leaf. 

Meganium's fast moves in Pokémon Go
Meganium’s fast moves in Pokémon GO

And, it has access to 3 standard charge moves: Earthquake, Solar Beam, Petal Blizzard; there is also one exclusive charge moves Frenzy Plant (which will be its go-to charge attack).

Meganium's charge moves in the Pokémon GO
Meganium’s charge moves in the Pokémon GO

Secret to Winning With Meganium in Pokémon GO 

Meganium is tanky in Pokémon GO, as it is in the core games, thanks to its high HP and DEF. Thanks to the bulky stat distribution of 190/168/202—it can take 2-3 decently-hard hits before going down. The ideal EV spread is 15/15/15. 

Let’s start with the fast moves: the winning choice is Vine Whip, by far. Remember, in Pokémon GO, every PVP turn takes 0.5 seconds. So, Vine Whip takes two turns (1 second) to deal 5 damages and charges 8 energies. 

The second choice is Razor Leaf—which unfortunately Niantic nerfed recently. There were stables in PVP battles that ran with Razor Leaf, such as Roserade or Torterra—due to the immense damage output. But for Meganium, which will reply on heavy-hitting charge moves—it’s wise to spend turns charging up energy instead. 

Now: The secret to a PVP-ready Meganium in Pokémon GO is the special charge attack: Frenzy Plant. It packs a whopping 100 battle power and only costs 45 energies. You’ll get to unleash this monster of a move after 5-6 Wine Whips. Without this move, you won’t have much chance to land charge attacks, since Meganium’s other options all require quite a bit of energy to use.

Frenzy Plant was only available during a Community Day in 2018. Thus, for a Meganium to learn this move currently, you will have to get your hand on an Elite Charge Move TM—which allows any Pokémon to learn any legacy or rare charge moves. Otherwise, standard Charge TMs will only let Meganium know one of the other three standard moves. You can get this special TM from PVP battle prizes (end of season), or various quests in the game.

Your secondary charge move is Earthquake—the only other non-Grass move Meganium has. 

I love, love, love running a Meganium—due to its unpredictability. It’s uncommon in both leagues; players know it runs Frenzy Plant (any Grass starter is expected to run Frenzy Plant)—but they usually aren’t aware of the tankiness and the secondary Ground-type charge move. Your goal for this ‘mon will be to charge up energy quickly, eat up a few non-effective moves, and go berserk! 

Meganium is excellent as a lead, mid, or closer in PVP battles. Your goal is to spam Wine Whip and then Frenzy Plant. All four of Meganium’s charge moves pack monstrous power—all over 100. But Frenzy Plant beats out Solar Beam and Petal Blizzard due to its low energy requirement—and in PVP battles—time is more precious than anything. These moves will hit Water, Ground, and Rock super hard—so put down those Swampert with ease! 

Remember, Grass moves are resisted by 6 types: Flying, Grass, Poison, Fire, Dragon, and Bug. Thus, if you face any of the mentioned, switch out, or charge up your secondary charge move, Earthquake. 

Earthquake has a wide coverage, as a Ground-type, and is resisted only by Bug and Grass. Be wise, as it requires a bit more energy to charge up, so make sure that you have enough shields to keep Meganium healthy, or switch out instead. 

Is Shiny Meganium Available in Pokémon GO? 

Yes, it is! Here’s a screenshot of a shiny Meganium in Pokémon GO (not mine, but I wish). 

A shiny Meganium in Pokémon Go


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