What Level Does Onix Evolve In Pokémon Quest?

Ready to evolve Onix in Pokémon Quest? Since there is no Metal Coat in Pokémon Quest—you simply have to reach a particular evolution to evolve it to Steelix, right? Well, not quite!

So, what level does Onix evolve in Pokémon Quest? 

Unfortunately, Onix does not evolve into Steelix in Pokémon Quest—and the reason is simple. Pokémon Quest (at least, for the time being) only has the original 151 Pokémon from Generation I of the series. And, Steelix, sadly, was introduced in the second generation. And thus, Onix in itself is its maxed-out form for now. 

Our little guy here doesn’t evolve in Pokémon Quest. 😢

And I say for now because: Pokémon Quest was released in China this year under a new title—Pokémon Adventure. The game comes with many additional new features, such as character customization and real-life PVP. And therefore, we can only pray that Game Freak would eventually update the game with the Johto Pokedex—where Onix can finally evolve! 

But then, is Onix any good in Pokémon Quest? 

Oh yes! Like many fully-evolved Pokémon, its base stats fall in the 700–800 range, with 600 HP and 100 ATK—making it one of the tankier options in Pokémon Quest. 

Onix has a whopping 10 different moves for you to explore. But since its Bingo bonuses are Rock-focused, your best bet is to mix and match all bonuses to either increase Rock-type moves wait time or attack and pick one Rock-type attack (with three Power Stone slots to power up). For my preference, I always value power, and thus, would get all 3 bingo bonuses to boost Rock-type attack, for a massive 40% increase. 

Whether it’s Rock Throw, Sandstrom, Stealth Rock, or Rock Tomb—the choice is yours to explore. Onix also has the Steel-type move Flash Cannon and Iron Tail and the Fighting-type move Rock Smash—but you won’t be getting the max damage output from these moves in Pokémon Quest, sadly.

All of Onix’s moves and bingo bonuses in Pokémon Quest—all listed above!

Cool, and where do you get Onix in Pokémon Quest? 

Onix is not tricky to get at all. The best recipe is Stone Coup a la Cube—which has a whopping 64% acquisition rate. There are many different recipe combinations that you can do, but I’ll give you two basic ones: 

Onix recipe #1 in Pokémon Go: 

  • 2 Apricorns 
  • 1 Fossil 
  • 2 Icy Rocks 
  • 1 Balm Mushroom 

Onix recipe #2 in Pokémon Go 

  • 2 Fossils 
  • 2 Icy Rocks 
  • 1 Balm Mushroom 
Simple recipes for you to get Onix in Pokémon Quest

And that’s it! Since there’s a 2/3 chance of getting Onix, even when the recipe requirements are not the simplest, you should rack up the perfect Onix of your choice in no time. 

So, all in all, when does Onix level up in Pokémon Quest? It doesn’t. But it’s okay because, with its powerful access to monotype Rock attacks, your Onix will, for sure, power through quests with ease. 

While you’re here, check out my other guides on all things Pokémon Quest, from best movesets and bingo bonuses to how to evolve many other Pokémon!


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