About Me

Hi! aiangato here. 👋

Ever Googled a Pokémon-related question, and the first result just simply did.not.address your query? Lots of waffling and useless content online, little to no value. Thus, here comes this blog!

I’m a content and growth marketer professionally, DJ at a radio station in my spare time, and most importantly—a full-time Pokémon Trainer—a gig I’ve been on since Gen I.

I acquire, engage, and retain millions of users for my job and thought: “Why not develop something for myself?” I get to combine my passion for content, presenting, SEO, and of course—my favorite gaming franchise of all time—all into this little online platform. And voila, here we are. Hopefully, you’ll find everything that you’ll need regarding our favorite mobile Pokémon game here! 👾

And if you’re still here out of boredom, here’s Ditto.

How writing relaxes me…

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