How to Use Kingler in Pokemon Quest

The best guide on how to effectively use Kingler in Pokemon Quest, including in-depth analysis of its moveset, stats, and bingo bonuses.

Pokemon Quest Guide: How to use Kingler in Pokemon Quest

Kingler – the Pincer Pokemon. Kingler has an enormous, oversized claw. It waves this huge claw in the air to communicate with others. However, because the claw is so heavy, the Pokémon quickly tires.

Kingler is an interesting one in Pokemon Quest. It’s still a heavy hitter, but with a twist – as its bingo bonuses focus on boosting Normal Type moves. Here is the best guide on how to use Kingler in Pokemon Quest.

Build 1: Normal-type moves  

Moveset 1: Slam/Stomp/Giga Impact + 3 slots

Bingo Bonuses:
Slot 1: +5% ATK of Normal-Type Moves
Slot 2: +10% ATK of Normal-Type Moves
Slot 3: +20% ATK of Normal-Type Moves

This is, hands down, the best set for Kingler, as it boosts Kingler’s normal attack moves by a massive 35%. That’s higher than Starmie’s +30% boost it gets for Hydro Pump (check out how to use Starmie here). Furthermore, all three of the mentioned moves have relatively short cooldown time – a 5-second wait. It can’t get any better than that!


Support moves for Kingler include Sword Dance, Harden, and Leer. However, as you should already have a Bulk Up user of some sort to boost both attack and defense of your other 2 attackers, these moves are pretty much redundant for Kingler.

Here’s a list of all moves Kingler from SerebiiScreen Shot 2018-08-22 at 15.24.39.png


You have to first attract a Krabby and evolve it to get Kingler in Pokemon Quest. To obtain the highest possible stats, remember to use the golden cooking pot for a +300 stat bonus in both ATK and HP. After that, it all depends on the IVs of each individual Pokemon, which range from 0-100. How to use Kingler in Pokemon Quest will also depend heavily on its stat distribution. Its max stats are:

Base Stats: HP – 100, ATK – 650
Max Stats (at LV 100): HP: 500-600, ATK: 1000-1100

I’ve caught a Krabby/Kingler. Are its stats any good? 

Every Pokemon gains 1 stat point in its ATK and HP every time it evolves. Because of this, all you have to do is add the level difference of your Pokemon from 100 to its current stats to see how far the stats are from the max stats.

For example, let’s say your Kingler is at LV 90, with the HP of 589 and ATK of 1088.

The Kingler is 10 levels away from LV 100. As such, its stats at LV 100 would be:

HP: 589 + 10 = 599
ATK: 1088 + 10 = 1098

This means that it is 1 HP and 2 ATK from its max stats. Keep a close eye out on the stats of your Krabbies as you are on the Pokemon Quest recipes grind.

Stone Sockets:

Kingler’s ratio regarding stone sockets obtained through Pokemon Quest recipes are :

HP:28.57%, HP:66.67%, Multi: 4.76%

This is pretty good, as you should have at least 5 out of 9 sockets as ATK sockets. This ratio pretty much guarantees that. Kingler is fragile in Pokemon Quest, but with HP healing and short wait times for its moves, you should not have any problems to use Kingler in Pokemon Quest.

And that’s how to use Kingler in Pokemon Quest. It’s different than other Water-types, it still hits hard, and I love that Gamefreak gave it something unique in the current metagame. Here’s to more surprises when Gen 8 comes out for our favorite Gen I crab!

How are you enjoying my Pokemon Quest guide series? If you have not downloaded the game yet, download Pokemon Quest via its official site.


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  1. It does not always gain stats when it evolves. Example: Kakuna-Beedrill or Metapod-Butterfree loses HP when it evolves


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